???? DeFi by Design EP63: Cross-Chain Swaps Made Easy w Li Finance

Li Finance is the first cross-chain swap protocol with a built in bridge. Listen below to find out how they aggregate applications for a smoother DeFi experience.

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It’s exciting to see how the multi-chain world is shaping up for 2022. As various chains gain more traction and user activity, the ability to perform cross-chain swaps is going to be an absolute must.

Today we got to chat with Philip Zentner, the CEO and Co-Founder of Li(nked).Finance (Li.Finance), a protocol that seeks to interconnect the most crucial parts of DeFi, namely DEXes and Bridges to create a mesh of aggregated cross-chain liquidity networks & protocols that allow users to complete cross-chain swaps from end-to-end. We discussed how users can be more efficient and effective in engaging in yield farming in the multi-chain setting, how the multi-chain world is going to create apps that most people won’t even realize are actually utilizing our favorite protocols on the backend of it, as well as how Li.Finance works and empowers users to navigate the various chains in a seamless and fluid manner.

With a future that is multi-chain, protocols like Li.Finance are going to play a major role in paving the way for mass adoption.


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