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Speedrun through Cartesi’s Linux VM applications   GM High Rollers! Welcome to the world of Modularity, where scalable software meets the power of blockchain technology. In our latest ecosystem report, we’ll take a deep dive into the exciting applications of the Cartesi ecosystem, built with Cartesi’s Linux VM. The launch of innovative dapps to enhance [...]

A Calm Dive into the New Wave of DeFi Trading   High Rollers: Welcome to today’s piece, where we’re taking a relaxed journey into the world of Primex Finance’s Mainnet Beta. This isn’t about hype or overblown promises, but a genuine exploration of how this platform is subtly reshaping the crypto trading landscape. Primex Finance’s [...]

In this video Robbie Rollup sits down with Jack to understand cross-chain messaging technologies.   High Rollers, In this 20-minute video, Robbie Rollup educates Jack on the opportunities that come with cross-chain messaging. Learn more about how all of the cross-chain messaging and routing is abstracted away, under-the-hood of Axelar core and squid router. Cheers [...]

In this 5 minute video, we share a walkthrough of Ekubo DEX on Starknet   High Rollers, There’s a new Dominant DEX in the Starknet Ecosystem. Over the past 48 hours, this dex has absolutely exploded and is quickly taking over Starknet. We made a five minute video to educate you on how to bridge, [...]

In this video, Andy shares his thoughts on the newest optimism airdrop   High Rollers, It literally pays to be in DeFi, but Optimism’s latest airdrop is not without its controversies. Take 5 minutes to hear our thoughts on the details of airdrop #3. Andy goes into detail on how to delegate and earn tokens, [...]

In this video, we highlight the new incentive program approved by Arbitrium DAO   High Rollers, One of our favorite L2s has announced a grant program to incentivize liquidity, increase traffic, and much more. There are a few tiers of grants available: Beacon, Siren, Lighthouse, Pinnacle We’ve prepared a 5 minute video for you on [...]

We deliver a step-by-step to options trading through our OptionsFi partners at Premia Finance   High Rollers, Get ready to embark on a journey into gammas and greeks as we dive into the heart of Premia V3’s cutting-edge crypto options trading platform. Yesterday marked the launch of this easy to understand options platform, but in [...]

We take a step by step walk through of overtime markets SportsFi   High Rollers SportsFi is a growing opportunity to pay attention to, and Overtime Markets is leading the way. They’ve got all the right features: can’t ban you, can’t steal your money, and it’s all built on the solid foundation of DeFi. We’re [...]

Our sponsors at Raft Finance share some valuable alpha on upcoming Raft V2!   High Rollers, Raft Finance’s upcoming V2 launch has some high-yield opportunities! Enjoy this guest newsletter from our partners at Raft Finance. In this newsletter, they describe the R savings rate, peg stability module, and a short how-to earn R, raft’s native [...]

Mastering MantisSwap: A Quick Tutorial Into The Mechanics & How To Use the App!   Gm High Rollers, Hope you are having a fantastic week thus far – especially after seeing positive ETF news all over major media outlets ???? We will keep our heads down, build, execute and prepare for the coming bull market. [...]