Learn all about Web3 Security with Brian from ChainLight   High Rollers, In this video, we learn all about the team of full-stack Web3 experts at Theori, led by Brian Pak. This team of absolute chads is on a mission to make the ecosystem we all share safer. “You’re human, we’re human, we all make [...]

We take a step by step walk through of overtime markets SportsFi   High Rollers SportsFi is a growing opportunity to pay attention to, and Overtime Markets is leading the way. They’ve got all the right features: can’t ban you, can’t steal your money, and it’s all built on the solid foundation of DeFi. We’re [...]

Our sponsors at Raft Finance share some valuable alpha on upcoming Raft V2!   High Rollers, Raft Finance’s upcoming V2 launch has some high-yield opportunities! Enjoy this guest newsletter from our partners at Raft Finance. In this newsletter, they describe the R savings rate, peg stability module, and a short how-to earn R, raft’s native [...]

Introducing Raft Fi, the game-changer for LSDFi chads   Gm High Rollers: If you’re a LSDFi chad you need to know about Raft Fi. We’ve been using the plaform and we’ll show you how it can work in your favor :point-right: Raft now lets you get liquidity on your liquid staking derivatives without selling your [...]

 Layer 2 Shared Security meets LSDFi Narrative   Rollup Nation: Welcome back to another tutorial where we show you how to earn great yield and participate in the ongoing LSDFi craze! We dive into how LSDFi could help shared security of L2s and enhance ETH as a whole! We’ll show you how to – earn [...]