Our sponsors at Raft Finance share some valuable alpha on upcoming Raft V2!   High Rollers, Raft Finance’s upcoming V2 launch has some high-yield opportunities! Enjoy this guest newsletter from our partners at Raft Finance. In this newsletter, they describe the R savings rate, peg stability module, and a short how-to earn R, raft’s native [...]

Andy and Rob speak to Chandra from on blockchain infrastructure   High Rollers: Scaling Bitcoin, Ethereum & DeFi technologies is a winding road with many twists and turns. One of the projects that are looking to make this problem easier to solve is! In this video, learn more from our conversation with the [...]

Robbie breaks down Web3 peer-to-peer economies at scale   High Rollers: In this video, Robbie Rollup gives us a short break down of the advantages of Web3 peer to peer economies, and how they are different from today’s Web2 monopolies. Take for example Web3’s that has been taking off! It has benefits for both [...]