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In this video Robbie Rollup sits down with Jack to understand cross-chain messaging technologies.   High Rollers, In this 20-minute video, Robbie Rollup educates Jack on the opportunities that come with cross-chain messaging. Learn more about how all of the cross-chain messaging and routing is abstracted away, under-the-hood of Axelar core and squid router. Cheers [...]

In this video, Master Po from MantisSwap educates us on the state of L2s High Rollers, Come back to this video in two years, and I think it will show just how early we are to these Rollup wars. In this video, we sit down with Master Po, cofounder of MantisSwap to discuss the changes [...]

Co-Founder of POKT Network, Michael O’Rourke, presents Grove Portal into the Ethereum world.   GM High Rollers: The Cambrian explosion of rollups is happening right before our eyes… Pocket Network announces a new sovereign rollup, using Rollkit and Celestia’s modular data availability layer. Also the rebrand of the original gateway (now Grove) to make space [...]

In this video, Robbie has a walkthrough of an innovative money market protocol with Dennis from Myso High Rollers, We’ve come back to the drawing board as an industry, with many infrastructure & L2 projects popping up. It’s refreshing to have projects like MYSO focused on the DeFi consumooor, and in this video join us [...]

In this audio clip, Rob talks to the team from CoreDAO at Messari NYC   High Rollers, Who else wants the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum available on the scale of a public company? In this audio clip we learn the secrets behind the success of the innovative CoreDAO protocol. If you’re a DeFi founder [...]

In this 5 minute video, we share a walkthrough of Ekubo DEX on Starknet   High Rollers, There’s a new Dominant DEX in the Starknet Ecosystem. Over the past 48 hours, this dex has absolutely exploded and is quickly taking over Starknet. We made a five minute video to educate you on how to bridge, [...]