In this video Robbie Rollup sits down with Jack to understand cross-chain messaging technologies.   High Rollers, In this 20-minute video, Robbie Rollup educates Jack on the opportunities that come with cross-chain messaging. Learn more about how all of the cross-chain messaging and routing is abstracted away, under-the-hood of Axelar core and squid router. Cheers [...]

In this video, Master Po from MantisSwap educates us on the state of L2s High Rollers, Come back to this video in two years, and I think it will show just how early we are to these Rollup wars. In this video, we sit down with Master Po, cofounder of MantisSwap to discuss the changes [...]

Mastering MantisSwap: A Quick Tutorial Into The Mechanics & How To Use the App!   Gm High Rollers, Hope you are having a fantastic week thus far – especially after seeing positive ETF news all over major media outlets ???? We will keep our heads down, build, execute and prepare for the coming bull market. [...]