????DeFi By Design EP #7: Interoperability and Cross-Chain Future with REN Protocol


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Its obvious. Bitcoin on Ethereum is absolutely blowing up. There’s no doubt about it.

We are seeing massive yield farms pop up all over the place leaving the the Bitcoiners hanging out on the BTC chain wondering what they’re doing leaving their BTC unproductive while everyone else is farming food coins.

More important than the flashy, short-lived xx,xxx% APYs is the ability to use assets cross-chain.

This opens up new realms of endless possibilities: lending & borrowing on different chains, scaling solutions cross-chains, payments globally across different networks, credit and DAOs, yield farming on multiple chains at once – the list goes on.

In this episode we’ll deep dive into RenVM, bringing BTC onto the Ethereum blockchain & how REN Project is playing a massive role in the current DeFi industry.

Welcome to the show.


????DeFi By Design EP #7: Interoperability and Cross-Chain Future with REN Protocol

We’ve been following Ren project for quite awhile. In fact we just did a piece on turning your BTC into a productive asset here, using renBTC as your BTC value on Ethereum.

With the recent launch of RenVM in May 2020, the value of the REN token has seen insane gains & the project thousands of new users.

First ever 1000 BTC transaction? We go into that.

How does the Ren token accrue value? Got it.

What does TVL in Ren Protocol represent? Covered.

Whats left on the roadmap for 2020? You bet.

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