????DeFi By Design EP #8: L2 Scaling & zkRollups


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Its happening. It really is.

Ethereum is gearing up for a mainstream mania push & were at the forefront of the technology necessary to make it possible.

Welcome to the new world of L2 scaling, a much needed relief.

See here’s the thing, when new people learn about DeFi and see the 500+ gwei gas prices ($40 for a simple Uniswap tx), there’s no way in hell they are going to participate.

Introducing: Loopring.

Your go-to gasless DEX for trading on Ethereum utilizing the power of L2 solutions, specifically zkRollups.

This buzzword is definitely thrown around a fair amount in DeFi, but Matt does an incredible job explaining it in layman’s terms.

Perfect for me & you!

Enjoy this one & listen closely, its the future of Ethereum 😉


????DeFi By Design EP #8: L2 Scaling & zkRollups

Loopring is in the trenches doing the good deeds the Ethereum community needs. They are like an angel amidst the sea of Ethereum warriors that we have in the community (which isn’t a bad thing, they all contribute in their own ways).

But man oh man if Loopring can pull off anything they aspire to, they will be one of the most valuable assets the ecosystem has.

As I write this, the gas prices are 500+ gwei thanks to the current Uniswap token madness.

But trading on Loopring’s layer 2 DEX? Still gasless.

Trying to farm some yield rn? That’ll cost you $80 to enter a pool.

And another $80 to exit.

But trading on Loopring’s layer 2 DEX? Still gasless.

That’s the power of L2 and Loopring. You don’t want to miss this one. We’re building together. Enjoy!

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