????DeFi by Design EP60: Onboarding Your Grandma Into DeFi with GOGOCoin

Improving the DeFi UX will bring millions of people and billions of dollars into the ecosystem, GOGOCoin wants to make it easy for you!

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DeFi Slate Fam:

We truly believe the future of finance (and France!) is DeFi and what we are seeing built now in Web3.

It’s truly exciting and captivating at the same time, the Wild Wild West.

The problem right now is the products we have built are insanely tough to use and interact with. We are seeing massive growth and we need to onboard the bigger part of the market, the boomers.

We will do this with the help of projects like GOGOcoin and their one-click deposits into DeFi yield farming pools.

In this podcast, we speak with the founder Garry, a gigabrain serial entrepreneur with lots of experience in fintech.

See why we are so bullish on improving DeFi UX in this episode.


– Andy


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⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Investing in cryptocurrency and DeFi platforms comes with inherent risks including technical risk, human error, platform failure and more. At certain points throughout this post, we might get a commission for promoting certain projects, if this is the case we will always make sure it is clear. We are strictly an educational content platform, nothing we offer is financial advice. We are not professionals or licensed advisors.


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