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Swapp is a decentralized protocol with a platform for data democracy. Check out the video below to discover how your data is shared in the Web3 era.

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Everyone person’s data is valuable. However, given the way applications are setup today, most people don’t understand how their data is used and being monetized. The Web 3 economy is a revolution that seeks to change this and bring data, responsibility and opportunity back to the consumer.

Today we sat down with Dmitriy Azarenko, the Co-Founder & Head of Product and Tural Bayev the Founder & CEO of Swapp, a DeFi protocol that seeks to turn the data monetization industry upside-down. We discussed a broad range of topics ranging from the 3 forms of data that are being collected from individuals to single sign-on fully decentralized technologies that enable a user to be in full control of what they’re doing even when they’re interacting with Web 2 technologies. We dove into how Swapp Protocol works and went over its product ecosystem that includes a Data Platform for Privacy and Monetization, SWAPPID & Wallets, an NFT Marketplace, a DeFi App, and a Banking On and Off-Ramp Solution.

As Web 3 continues to grow, Web 2 companies will have to adapt in order to survive and protocols such as Swapp stand to gain from this as they enable consumers to start getting paid for their data.


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