???? Gas-less Layer 2 Orderbook Trading Explained

It’s a race to scalability as everyone has their eyes set on L2. Check out our Firsthand look Exploring Layer 2 with Alvin Lee of DeGate!

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Ethereum is undeniably the top blockchain for developers to deploy their Dapps on. However, high gas fees have undeniably inhibited its growth as both users and new developers are gated from participating. The rise of alternative Layer 2 solutions have caught the eyes of many as they seek to address this problem.

Today, we got to take a deep look into the Layer 2 ecosystem with Alvin Lee, lead evangelist at Degate, who shared their thoughts on the current landscape. We touched base on the value proposition of Layer 2’s from security, censorship resistance, to performing a transaction without worrying about it going offline. We also got an overview of the developmental state of various L2 solutions and how they plan to proceed going forward.

Building a system that can support smart contracts is tricky to implement, but with a framework and teams like DeGate, building the future of Ethereum scaling seems not too far off the horizon.



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