???? NEAR Ecosystem Bridge & Yield Farming Guide

Tons of innovation is happening on the Cosmos chain rallying around the recent surge in ATOM

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You can consider us your local multi-chain humble farmers from now on. We are on Layer 1s, Layer 2s, and all different types of chains.

Remember when all we had was Ethereum and low gas fees in early 2020?

MAN those were the days.

Nothing will ever beat the thrill of opening sushi swap and seeing you can farm these sushi tokens for free? That yield was insane.

But here we are, in the early innings of new ecosystems once again.

The opportunity is back.

However, market participants are a bit wiser and quicker this time around. So, we must adapt and be quick.

Today we introduce you to the NEAR ecosystem built atop of Aurora, an EVM-compatible chain with DEXs and some awesome yield.

It’s been pumping.

Learn how to bridge and farm in the NEAR ecosystem with their $800M eco fund being unleashed all 2022.

Are you ready?


⁃ Andy

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