???? RollApps: The Future of Scaling Modular Blockchains


Unveiling the Power of Cosmos SDK and Ethereum EVM Fusion in the Evolution of Blockchain Technology

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High Rollers:

Get ready to explore the cutting-edge technology that’s making waves in the scaling community – “RollApps”. This innovative approach, combining the best of @cosmos SDK and @ethereum EVM, is set to revolutionize the way we scale modular blockchains.

In this post, we delve into the world of modular blockchains, the unique features of IBC & EVM, and how their fusion is shaping the future of “RollApps”.

Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this deep dive into the next big thing in blockchain technology is for you. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the potential of RollApps.

The Rollup

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Taking the best elements from the cosmos SDK and Ethereum EVM, RollApps could be a huge milestone of technological improvement for scaling modular blockchains.

As we discussed in yesterdays post, IBC <> EVM interoperability is finally coming to the forefront of the crypto ecosystems.

But, what if we could combine both systems, give teams the choice to use any data availability layer, and allow for maximum scale?

In todays post, you’ll learn how modular blockchains operate, the best aspects of IBC & EVM, and how the combination of these characteristics are leading the charge for “Rollapps” as we know them today ????

For starters, modular blockchains exist in a more “segmented” approach than monolithic blockchains, offering more optionality.

Where monolithic chains have to conduct the entire stack in one siloed execution environment, modular chains do not.

In modular chains, the execution, settlement, consensus, and data availability are handled by different, specialized chains built specifically for those designated roles.

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By dividing and conquering the “work” amongst other top-notch chains, the end result is a much more superior than that of a monolithic chain.

I truly believe monolithic chains will fade to irrelevance over the coming years as the modular ecosystem grows exponentially.

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As we’ve started to see certain modular stacks win outright, the energy and focus has shifted towards building tooling for this future state.

Tomorrow, I have a long form research post in collab with the top execution layer teams building VMs about this rising narrative that caught Stani Kulechov’s eye:

Make sure to gib follow @ayyyeandy to not miss that one…then keep reading:

The key team building towards a similar modular future by means of creating Rollapps, is @dymension.

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1⃣ The Dymension Hub, an L1 with an AMM

2⃣ Settlement layer for rollups

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Each rollup on Ethereum is a smart contract with a multi-sig bridge, so if the tech is ‘immutable’ or ‘trustless’ then it comes with inherit risks of bugs and backward incompatibility.

The rollups use IBC rather than a smart contract bridge so there is no multi-sig for confirmation and it just takes a few minutes to build and deploy a rollup with a bridge.

Dymension looks at both Cosmos and Ethereum and tries to pick the good and leave the bad behind. From this Dymension is built with Cosmos in mind but vertically integrated, similar to Ethereum. It’s important to note the goal of Dymension is to have as many rollups as possible.

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The idea is simple, Cosmos SDK made it easier to deploy an L1 but it requires a lot of overhead and it’s not economically sustainable to run many app-chains.

Instead rollups operate differently economically with fees needing to be higher than base layer costs and can incentives users to come with grants, shared fees, and more.

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Additionally, the Dymension Hub protocol is built to be DA-agnostic meaning the rollups can publish data to @CelestiaOrg@AvailProject@eigenlayer@zksync porter, or Ethereum, as long as it is verifiable from the Dymension Hub.

What Dymension doesn’t do is order transactions for rollups for example, this is a shared sequencer. Each rollup is its own sequencer and the team will support multi-sequencer set ups in the future.

To make life easier for the rollup deployers the team has worked on Roller, a CLI tool for quick deployment and the Dymension RDK (rollup development kit) which provides a lot of the application logic.

The RDK is built from the Cosmos SDK which was tied to Tendermint in some of the logic. It allows for developers to deploy app-chains as rollups getting the benefits of Cosmos customizability while the economics of a rollup.

Developers can also add EVM and @CosmWasm as that is supported as well.

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It’s the most robust bridging protocol in that you trust another chain via light clients rather than relayers or other game theoretic actors. But, IBC was focused on chain to chain, whereas Dymension does it rollup to chain (Dymension Hub).

This makes Dymension Hub a router for these rollups that are bridging. In essence, for a user there funds are secured by the Dymension Hub validators running on Cosmos SDK/Tendermint.

This is in comparison to an Ethereum rollup that locks funds in a multi-sig smart contract.

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The team looked at ecosystems like @Starknet, rollups on Celestia (formerly Cevmos) and others, and they didn’t have infrastructure attributes that was necessary to create a decentralized settlement layer from day 1.

At the end, components of Ethereum became a competitor to Dymension because rollup data publication is outsourced for scale to a specialized DA layer (listed above) or really any L1/settlement layer.

So you can look at Ethereum as a bridging hub with liquidity and DA. You can look at Dymension Hub as a bridging hub with liquidity (singular AMM) and DA outsourced for scale.

As we wrap up this mega modular post, I want to emphasize the world we are heading towards is interop maxxxxing and I fully expect to see more and more creative collaborations between IBC <> Ethereum tech.

In addition to this, the beauty of modular designs is that you can create so many unique blockchain structures which can be intelligently positioned for specific use cases.

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As I mentioned earlier, I have a research piece coming out tomorrow detailing the upcoming VM narrative that you won’t want to miss!

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