???? Monetize Your Data & Identity w Swapp

Swapp is a decentralized protocol with a platform for data democracy. Check out the video below to discover how your data is shared in the Web3 era. DeFi Slate Fam: Everyone person’s data is valuable. However, given the way applications are setup today, most people don’t understand how their data is used and being monetized. [...]

???? Cosmos Ecosystem 2022 Breakthrough Year

The most underrated DeFi ecosystem is about to explode in 2022, here’s why… DeFi Slate Fam: We have been exploring numerous DeFi ecosystems throughout the last 6 months but we have been sleeping on Cosmos. That has come to a hard stop. This ecosystem is going to absolutely explode in 2022. Airdrops coming and pretty [...]

Check out how the first AMM on Ethereum has evolved to bring sustainable and protected yields in V3 Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: The DEX space has seen a lot of changes since DeFi Summer. A lot of positive ones and some interesting experiments for sure. An OG in the DeFi space is Bancor who are [...]

The Loot ecosystem has brought L2 NFTs on Arbitrum & StarkNet to the forefront of the community, get ready DeFi Slate Fam: Layer 2 NFTs are blowing up! They will continue to do so! Shoutout to Arbitrum and StarkNet for their upcoming marketplaces were stoked to see them grow. Excited to see the development of [...]

???? NEAR Ecosystem Bridge & Yield Farming Guide

Tons of innovation is happening on the Cosmos chain rallying around the recent surge in ATOM DeFi Slate Fam: You can consider us your local multi-chain humble farmers from now on. We are on Layer 1s, Layer 2s, and all different types of chains. Remember when all we had was Ethereum and low gas fees [...]

???? Gas-less Layer 2 Orderbook Trading Explained

It’s a race to scalability as everyone has their eyes set on L2. Check out our Firsthand look Exploring Layer 2 with Alvin Lee of DeGate! DeFi Slate Fam: Ethereum is undeniably the top blockchain for developers to deploy their Dapps on. However, high gas fees have undeniably inhibited its growth as both users and [...]

???? A young mans journey west towards the DeFi Gold Rush

DeFi Slate Fam: Monday morning stream of consciousness brought to you by coffee & some deep thinking about what we are really trying to achieve here. New industries open up all types of opportunities for the opportunist. Big $$$ opportunities. Are you seeking a better situation? A purpose? Something to build for the long term? [...]

We sat down to explore NFTs, DeFi, & why the industry’s future is so bright DeFi Slate Fam: Ask yourself. Why DeFi? What is it about decentralized finance, permissionless, borderless applications run on a credibly neutral platform that is so important? Is it the aspect of personal responsibility? Monetary gain? For each and every person [...]