Unveiling Raft Token & Staking Today High Rollers: If you’ve been following our content for the last few months, we’ve been covering Raft.Fi a ton! They have gone from $0 -> $50M +in TVL in a short period and are leading the LSDFi lending market space. We are excited to announce that they have just [...]

New token just dropped GM High Rollers: Another beautiful day not staring at charts or getting rekt. A lovely life it is, and today we are excited to announce the latest asset for your degen behavior. The article that follows is meme worthy and worth a deeper look. The thoughtful token design spans LSDFi economics [...]

The DeFi userbase grows as the fixed rate revolution brings stability and certainty for the next wave of institutional investors DeFi Slate Fam, Fixed Borrowing & Lending Volume is ABSOLUTELY MOONING! Within 5 months of Notional V2’s launch, Notional Finance has facilitated over $450M in total fixed rate loan volume. To put this into perspective… [...]

Exclusive breakdown of ImmutableX’s offerings and usecases including Fees, Staking, Governance & More! DeFi Slate Fam: Ethereum is still the king of NFTs: it does significantly more volume than the rest of the chains combined and is a host to all major collections. However, with the advancement of P2E and scaling problems of L1 becoming [...]