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Unveiling Raft Token & Staking Today High Rollers: If you’ve been following our content for the last few months, we’ve been covering Raft.Fi a ton! They have gone from $0 -> $50M +in TVL in a short period and are leading the LSDFi lending market space. We are excited to announce that they have just [...]

New token just dropped GM High Rollers: Another beautiful day not staring at charts or getting rekt. A lovely life it is, and today we are excited to announce the latest asset for your degen behavior. The article that follows is meme worthy and worth a deeper look. The thoughtful token design spans LSDFi economics [...]

Generate liquidity without dumping on your community GM High Rollers: Our mission to educate, empower, and enrich is still true to this very day. Part of this mission includes showcasing tools for builders to empower their own communities. Over the years, we have seen DeFi evolve steadily from the days of pool2 yield farming and [...]