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We have some exciting news for y’all this week! In the midst of being around in this industry for several months now (were just getting started) we’ve decided to put together this guide so we can update it frequently with all the new content we post.

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Also, while waiting for V2, you can get access to the V1 version of the guide when you join that channel!

We will be shutting down the discord for the foreseeable future as well.

As we are ramping up our podcasts, tutorials and more we are now creating and growing faster than ever!

Couldn’t have done it without each and every single one of y’all.

– Andy

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DeFi Slate Guide To Becoming A DeFi Power User

???? Tutorials:

???? Important Concepts:

???? Interviews With DeFi Protocol Team Members:

???? DeFi By Design Podcast

  1. Introductions & DeFi Now

  2. DAI Deep Dive w/ Kenton Prescott, Integrations Engineer @ MakerDAO

  3. DeFiner x DeFi 2020 w/ CEO Jason Wu

  4. Building The Future Of DeFi Together w/ Marc Zeller, integrations lead @ Aave

  5. Making DeFi Mainstream w/ Evgeny Zurtaev, CEO of Zerion

  6. The Future of Derivatives Trading w/ Andrey Belyakov

  7. Interoperability & Cross-Chain future w/ REN Project

  8. L2 Scaling & zkRollups w/ Matt Finestone, Biz Lead @ Loopring

  9. Community, Governance, & Sustainabilty w/ Yana from Akropolis

  10. L2 DEX Scaling w/ DeversiFi

  11. DeFi As An Evolution of Bitcoin w/ Antonio Gomes, CEO Of Bittips

  12. ????DeFi By Design EP #12: The Institutional Wave with Qiao Wang

  13. ????DeFi By Design EP #13: The Inevitable Rise of Anonymous Developers

  14. ????DeFi By Design EP #14: Building Web 3 & Mobile Friendly DeFi

  15. ????DeFi By Design EP #15: The Future; Open On-Chain Data Analytics

  16. ????DeFi By Design EP #16: Ushering In A New Era Of Decentralized Fund Managers

  17. ????DeFi By Design EP #17: Securing Billions With Nexus Mutual Cover

  18. ????DeFi By Design EP #18: Unleashing Leveraged Yield Farming with Alpha Finance

  19. ????DeFi By Design EP #19: Bringing Billions of Funds Onboard DeFi w/ Enzyme Finance

  20. ????DeFi By Design EP #20: 2021, The Year Of The Stablecoin?

  21. ????DeFi By Design EP #21: Insuring DeFi 101

  22. ????DeFi By Design EP #22: Web 3 Data Economy

  23. ????DeFi By Design EP #23: The History Of Money

  24. ????DeFi By Design EP #24: Bringing DeFi To The Real World

  25. ????DeFi By Design EP #25: Building Your Investing Edge

  26. ????DeFi By Design EP #26: What You Need To Know About Scaling Ethereum L2

  27. ????DeFi By Design EP #27: Building the DeFi Safety Net w/ Hugh Karp founder, Nexus Mutual

  28. ????DeFi By Design EP #28: Creating Stable Yield on Composable Assets w James Simpson

  29. ????DeFi By Design EP #29: Is POKT The Missing Piece of Web3.0?

  30. ????DeFi By Design EP #30: Building Flexible Distributions & Incentives with GYSR V2

  31. ????DeFi By Design EP #31: Solving the Ethereum Scaling Crisis in 2021

  32. ????DeFi By Design EP #32: STOP PAYING GAS: Feeless L2 Swaps w/ DeGate

  33. ????DeFi By Design EP #33: Explaining Yield Farming Aggregators

  34. ????DeFi By Design EP #34: How Argent Mobile Wallet Will 10x User Growth

  35. ????DeFi By Design EP #35: The Bullish DeFi Thesis with George Harrap

  36. ????DeFi By Design EP #36: Spotting Signals in the DeFi Ecosystem

  37. ????DeFi By Design EP #37: Community Investing for Passive Crypto Enthusiasts

  38. ????DeFi By Design EP #38: Bringing the Trillion Dollar Derivatives Market to Ethereum

  39. ????DeFi By Design EP #39: The Power of DeFi in Unbanked Countries w/ Akin Sawyer

  40. ????DeFi By Design EP #40: Uniting Content Creators in DeFi w Kris Kay

  41. ????DeFi By Design EP #41: Merging Centralized and Decentralized Liquidity w/ CCAI

  42. ????DeFi By Design EP #42: Oh! Finance! The Lightbulb Moment in DeFi

  43. ????DeFi By Design EP #43: The Next DeFi Boom: JavaScript Development with Agoric

  44. ????DeFi By Design EP #44: Exploring the Metaverse with Charged Particles

  45. ????DeFi By Design EP #45: Paving the New World Way With DeFi Masterclass

  46. ????DeFi By Design EP #46: Rolling Out Layer 2 with Deversifi

  47. ????DeFi By Design EP #47: Earn Interest On Your Bitcoin w Badger

  48. ????DeFi By Design EP #48: DeFi for Everyone w Avalanche Rush

  49. ????DeFi By Design EP #49: The Next Wave of Web 3 and DeFi: Privacy

  50. ????DeFi By Design EP #50: What is Cosmos?

  51. ????DeFi By Design EP #51: Coordinating the Metaverse

  52. ????DeFi By Design EP #52: Discovering NFT Gems w Deeze

  53. ????DeFi By Design EP #53: Beyond the DeFi Horizon

???? Together with: 

  • Polygonthe leading layer two ecosystem in DeFi pushing forward scaling Ethereum and DeFi! Join their Official Telegram channel to keep track of newly launched projects on Polygon.

  • Degate,a Decentralized Layer 2 Exchange based on optimistic rollups. DeGate will offer secure order-book trading that is faster and cheaper than mainnet. Degate also offers a fast and efficient L1 – L2 Bridge, testnet is operating now. Try it HERE!


???? Partner Project Updates

Babylon Finance is an ecosystem of community-built DeFi strategies. Non-custodial, completely trustless and transparent asset management with traceable performance history.

Ruler Protocol is a market driven lending platform that provides non-liquidatable loans. As an undiscovered protocol, most APYs are quite high (so is risk!!). Check it out here!

Hermez Network is an open-source ZK-Rollup optimised for secure, low-cost and usable token transfers on the wings of Ethereum. Check it out here!

The new addictive way to save. Our savings pools reward regular savers with higher interest rates. Start building the financial habits you deserve. Check it out here!

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Investing into cryptocurrency and DeFi platforms comes with inherent risk including technical risk, human error, platform failure and more. At certain points throughout this post, we might get commission for promoting certain projects, if this is the case we will always make sure it is clear. We are strictly an educational content platform, nothing we offer is financial advice. We are not professionals or licensed advisors.

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