Full Send Friday: Week In Review

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This week was a relief.

It was absolutely insane, but not 12/10 insane. More building happened, after prices have retraced steadily teams reverted back to longer-term thinking and value accrual.

Nonetheless this week was still jam-packed with a bunch of goodness.

We saw a $FEW sham, L2 scaling, Yam relaunch, the NFT craze explode and more!

Time for the week in review 🙂

– Andy

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Full Send Friday: Week In Review

There was plenty of action this week – some good, some bad. Let’s start with the dreadfully awful. A band of Ethereum “influencers” came together to start a project called $FEW on Telegram…and well, it didn’t end well.

After seeing tweets like this everywhere for like 2 hours…


Then, the truth came out:


In the spirit of community and decentralization, this experiment did not pan out too well & CryptoTwitter was not happy. Pretty funny to see play out as even we were so confused trying to figure out what was going on. Remember guys, it is a zero-sum game and people might try to take advantage of you – stay aware!

Now some better news:

Synthetix are testing their L2 scaling solution rapidly!

Stake SNX on the Optimistic Ethereum L2 testnet!
Click the image to read the full post 🙂

Balancer and Ocean Protocol partner up for the first AMM-Based Market Data!

OUSD launched – the first stablecoin that earns yield while still in your wallet!

Image for post

Yam V3 launched with some slight hiccups, but so far the rebases & farming have been great!


NFTs absolutely blew up…people were buying and selling art on Rarible and making quick profits. The token value of many NFT coins also increased steadily.

$MEME coin pumped from ~$100 to $1800 in nearly 2-3 weeks, topping out this past week.

Sponsor Updates

Aave has been pushing hard on their migration to $AAVE as well as getting V2 going!


Akropolis has been working hard on token value accrual, governance and LM updates!


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