???? MultiChain Ecosystems Post-ETH2.0 w Pranay

Join the conversation with Pranay from Nomad.xyz on modular blockchains and scalability across the MultiChain

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DeFi Fam,

It’s a wild rush with protocols launching and bringing new ecosystems to the broader crypto universe. All these layer 1 chains popping up begs the question… Why do we need so many different chains? So we sat down with Pranay from Nomad.XYZ to answer this very question.

We originally met Pranay in Lisbon during Eth Liscon, and we talked about why the future is multi-chain— even in a post ETH 2.0 world. The answer in short is due to scalability, but we unpack this question and more including monolithic vs modular blockchains and how different protocols are connecting the ecosystem.

Check out the full conversation below, and enjoy!



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