GET READY! L2 Airdrop Season is Here! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to the L2 airdrop season! Things are seriously heating up in the space right now and we are on top of it for you! In todays video we do a short video encompassing the entire StarkNet airdrop and ecosystem. This is very important, the [...]

???? zkSync Bridge, Faucet & Airdrop Tutorial

Stay Ahead of The Crowd & Qualify For This Next Airdrop! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: What a week! $ARB airdrop was just announced and people are very very excited about the possibility of being able to govern the Arbitrum network…right? Jokes aside, the next wave of exciting L2s is centered around the zkTech era. So, [...]


Join us as we hop into things and review the Hop Protocol airdrop guidelines, eligibility and more! DeFi Slate Fam: Hop protocol was one of the OG bridging tools back during the later half of DeFi Summer. I still remember when Aave went live on Polygon and this was the main reason to bridge over [...]