Get Ready as we Highlight the BRIGHT FUTURE of Ethereum Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    DeFi Slate Fam: Blockbuilding has become a profitable venture after the transition to Proof of Stake in Ethereum’s recent upgrade. Before, we had miners who extracted value and dubbed this term Miner Extractable Value. Now, we have maximum extractable value (new term, of [...]

Dive Into the Future of Scaling to Billions of Users! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes  DeFi Slate Fam: There’s been a few reasonably sized debates on Twitter about Ethereum’s scaling roadmap including proto-dank-sharding. Some dot eth’s seem to like it while others think its foolish. While you may or may not have an opinion, there is something you should [...]

Hart Lambur discusses UMA protocol and all things DeFi DeFi Slate Fam: The merge is right around the corner. The macro environment is absolutely bollocks. Are you not entertained!? There has been a ton of DeFi activity happening still with the recent rise of Layer 2s and their incentive programs as well as new releases [...]

???? Latest Developments in Digital Finance w ALDRIN

Catch Up On the LATEST Developments in DEX technology! DeFi Slate Fam: We are fast approaching the long-awaited merge. It’s time to get your positions in order for what might prove to have a massive impact on the entire crypto ecosystem. We have tons of content ready to share on potential implications of the Merge [...]

Explore the Ethereum Merge, Blockchains, The Future of DeFi & More! DeFi Slate Fam: One of the most interesting conversations we had at ETHCC was with Sam from Aligned, a web3 infrastructure company. Sam has been around the block for some time doing a stint at Consensys in the early Ethereum days before starting his [...]

Plenty of alpha leaks in this episode with DeFi power user Dave Levine! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: The winners and losers of DeFi are separated in the trenches. As market cycles shift, we are starting to see massive opportunities for growth as market cycles turn towards a new frontier. After an initial foray in Web1, [...]

Dive into Biconomy to learn about increased interoperability between dozens of chains and More! DeFi Slate Fam: DeFi is getting more and more complicated with each new protocol released and new chain added, Biconomy aims to simplify transactions to make decentralized finance available to everyone. Today we have a chat with their Co-Founder and CEO, [...]

???? Pricing Real World Assets with Web 3 Oracles

Dive into how Web3 is empowering an economy of multiple currencies charged with unique community value! DeFi Slate Fam: In this video we got a chance to sit down with Virginia, one of the leading professionals of the barter industry. Bartering is the primitive form of basic economic functions since it predates modern currencies. Prior [...]