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Explore an Exotic Options Platform In Arbitrum ——- DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to the biggest DeFi season we’ve seen since DeFi summer in 2020! Arbitrum DeFi has been taking the world over by storm and it is absolutely going OFF over there! There is so much happening and we are excited to see it play [...]

Exclusive Look at Canto and the New DeFi Era! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The new kid on the block, built and designed by some heavy hitter DeFi & Ethereum OGs…a huge price move in the last few weeks and a lot of talk about why its so undervalued. The infamous green coin. Canto. Welcome to [...]

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Learn About Creating Locks and Keys for Entire Communities! ——- Whattup Fam: We’re back and it’s not lookin good for enemies of DeFi Slate Nation. Tons of activity and hype are driving us further than ever before. Plus the market is mooning for the first time in months. That’s right moonbois and girls – strap [...]

Jump Into How Blue Swan Combines Top Protocols into One Killer DeFi App! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: It’s a pleasure to enjoy this market cycle with you. Through the ups and downs there is tons of opportunities, new and old, that rise and fall with each passing trend. The Slate Fam is here through thick [...]

Protect Yourself in WEB3! Learn all about Forta ——- DeFi Slate Fam There’s nothing more important in this new frontier of the wild, Wild West than being safe and not being susceptible to hacks, exploits, and phishing attacks! We’ve seen way too many of these in the DeFi world recently and its been a tough [...]

Learn About the Money market, Earn Yield and Participate in Algorand Governance Staking ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The burgeoning DeFi ecosystem is ripe for new protocols across a vast network of blockchains to take market share in their specific niches…ever since the inception of DeFi we saw this happen as soon as Polygon launched their [...]

Powerful Insights on NFTs, JPEG LAND, AND MUCH MORE! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: We are in a nice mini echo bubble right now with a lot of gains being had which have not been seen in many months. Things have been happening in NFT land as well, which is quite interesting because the dynamics of [...]

Watch this short video to get Andy´s on what’s bound to happen next! LFG! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The market is absolutely roaring and people are getting very excited. It’s crazy how the sentiment of investors in speculators can shift on a dime from bitcoin is going to $12K to bitcoin is going to $40K [...]

The AI Future Is Here! Learn How it can Create More Efficient Crypto Markets ——- DeFi Slate Fam: Recently all the hype has been around ChatGPT and the effects that AI may have on our everyday lives. Well, the hype is real and its here in front of us right now. We’ve been hearing about [...]