Learn how Hop Protocol is Helping Boost TVL With their Free Rebate Program! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: After a year of pure bear market in DeFi we feel like we have really seen it all. The teams still here building are the ones that will be around 5 years from now still in DeFi. Now, [...]

Dive Into Decentralized Derivatives & More ——- DeFi Slate Fam, Arbitrum has a lot of upcoming hype surrounding its heralded airdrop. Layer 2s are getting some attention after a successful Optimism airdrop and a lot of .eth’s pushing the narrative of zkRollups (which we are so, so bullish on). As the Arbitrum ecosystem undergoes further [...]

Learn about the Next Wave of Developer Onboarding and What the Ecosystem Needs to Thrive! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: The world of Cosmos is definitely getting some attention after a successful Cosmosverse conference down in Colombia (which was recently followed by Devcon). Recently announced was ATOM 2.0 tokenomics and the further development of the IBC [...]