The Intersection of Digital Collectibles GameFi and DeFi is Here! ——- DeFi Slate Fam: We are so back. Hooked up a win-win scenario over the weekend. As I’m sure we’re all aware Silicon Valley Bank went belly-up and Silvergate and Signature banks are not far behind. These were prominent banking partners for post-revenue tech startups [...]

Explore DeFi Asset Management Capabilities. DeFi Slate Fam: Token2049 was an amazing time in London last month! I had the pleasure of talking to tons of DeFi builders and getting the pulse of the current market. In todays post we have a Q&A with Zaki from Sommelier Finance, a Cosmos based project that has tons [...]

???? DeFi by Design Episode 90: The Future of GameFi

Learn Why GameFi is Positioned to Oust the Top Games of Our Time! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    DeFi Slate Fam: It’s no surprise the GameFi ecosystem is one of the few surviving ecosystems in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. GameFi doesn’t care about interest rates, the Fed, or macro mumbo jumbo. GameFi is about fun and vibes, both of [...]

???? Shrapnel: AAA First Person Shooter Game On-Chain

Shrapnel is a first-person shooter AAA game on-chain, a new fundamental aspect of Gamefi.   DeFi Slate Fam: Token 2049 in London a few weeks back was an epic event filled with TradFi, web2.5, web3, and DeFi companies alike ALL coming together during the most chaotic days of our current industry…FTX collapse week. Absolutely insane. [...]