A project meant to revolutionize the ticketing and events industry with their $FAN tokens Spotify | YouTube | iTunes | DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to the future of tickets and events, web3 style. Say goodbye to scalpers, crazy price increases, and absurd lines and welcome in a new way of obtaining a relationship with your favorite communities. The middlemen involved in [...]

Exclusive Interview with Weso From Beefy Finance to Learn What makes Ecosystems and Projects Thrive Spotify | YouTube | iTunes | DeFi Slate Fam In today’s installment of the podcast, we are having a chat with Weso who is in charge of strategic partnerships and development at Beefy Finance. We discuss chasing yield, going multi-chain and constantly evolving in the [...]

Listen below to understand the implications of Biden’s Crypto Executive Order and how blockchain tech helps build communities from scratch Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam In today’s episode of a podcast, we talk about the future of DeFi and Bitcoin with the Palo Alto Councilman, US Congress Candidate and tech entrepreneur Greg Tanaka. He helps us [...]