???? ZKX & The Rise of StarkNet Decentralized Derivatives

Learn about the future decentralized perpetual swap contract trading platform on StarkNet! DeFi Slate Fam: We´re are STOKED for StarkNet, zkRollups ,and ZKX! This new ecosystem is going to take DeFi and Web3 into unparalleled levels of scale and performance. When it comes to decentralized derivatives on-chain you need this level of performance in order [...]

???? Fundraising, Technical Papers, Events & Even More: ZKX AMA

Get your fill on Upcoming ZKX News Regarding Innovation, Upcoming Events, the StarkNet Ecosystem & Much More! DeFi Slate Fam: StarkNet is going to be the biggest narrative in Q4 that no one really even knows about yet. You’re very early. Like DeFi Summer 2020 early. In today’s short Q&A with Eduard from ZKX protocol [...]