???? DeFi by Design EP68: The Future of Tickets and Events, Web3 Style w/ Token Events

A project meant to revolutionize the ticketing and events industry with their $FAN tokens

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Welcome to the future of tickets and events, web3 style.

Say goodbye to scalpers, crazy price increases, and absurd lines and welcome in a new way of obtaining a relationship with your favorite communities. The middlemen involved in the events businesses take a big cut from you for themselves while providing zero sense of community.

Introducing: Token Events!

A project meant to revolutionize the ticketing and events industry with their $FAN tokens (disclaimer: we invested early).

We speak to their team about the app, the ideology, partnerships and why they are building this out.

Web3 is all about returning value to the end user and bringing the community together, and what better way to start than sports and events. Imagine if you can earn tokens for attending events, and use those tokens to get more tickets.

The events industry isn’t ready for Web3. Buckle up.




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