???? DeFi by Design EP83: Proof-of-Stake Network Design w Tenderize

Learn how liquid staking decentralizes the macroeconomic power grid with Tenderize!

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DeFi Slate Fam:

Gm, with the global macroeconomic setting amuck with political unrest, rising interest rates, high inflation, and pervasive censorship, the stage is set for alternative currency adoption. The European energy crisis is particularly triggering as EU nation currencies continue to lose value against daddy DXY on the daily.

Crypto has inconspicuously occurred during the unprecedented money printer era. Following financial woes in 2008-2009, bitcoin rode the brrrr machine for the next decade. So, one question that comes to mind – will we once again print ourselves out of a mess and leave future generations holding the bag?
The choice is yours anon.

Today’s podcast seizes the opportunity to improve global coordination. The existing system won’t go quietly and adoption seems contingent on a win-win-win for the major global power states. Proof-of-Stake offers an opt-in form of participation in this new system of coordination.

Check out the podcast below to hear from Tenderize co-founder, Nico Vergauwen, on how liquid staking decentralizes the macroeconomic power grid.


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