Learn How Value Moves in a Digital Economy & More! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to the future. Blockchain infrastructure development is going into hyperdrive with innovative technology driving TPS (transactions per second) of new blockchains through the roof. This tech paves the way for killer applications to quickly iterate on user experiences. Think about [...]

Discover how The Scalability of StarkNet Enables Novel Applications and Innovative Financial tools & more! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: We’re not out of the woods yet, but things are looking up. On the macro scale, fiat currencies are repricing based on the competency of their central banks. Putin looks like he is easing off the [...]

Learn how liquid staking decentralizes the macroeconomic power grid with Tenderize! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: Gm, with the global macroeconomic setting amuck with political unrest, rising interest rates, high inflation, and pervasive censorship, the stage is set for alternative currency adoption. The European energy crisis is particularly triggering as EU nation currencies continue to lose value [...]

Look towards the future as we chat about post-merge implications with dxDAO Spotify | YouTube | iTunes GM. good merge indeed. The historic transition to Proof-of-Stake is complete with relatively zero issues. ICYMI we’ll give you the rundown. Once hashing power on the Proof-of-Work chain brought mining difficulty to the TTD, total terminal difficulty, it was the end of [...]

Level up your Understanding of Blockchain Infrastructure in This New Episode! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: The merge is around the corner. This monumental upgrade will change Ethereum from a Proof-of-Work blockchain to a Proof-of-Stake chain. With all the improvements to throughput, scalability, environmental impact, and network design the Merge also brings up some challenges. The [...]