The Merge

In this video, we host Matt from Caldera to talk about easy rollup deployments & sequencers Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    High Rollers, What are the pros & cons of having a centralized vs decentralized sequencer? How about a shared sequencer? You may have seen some of the recent posts from Andy about the nature of sequencers as [...]

From building blocks to value unlocks with Matt Cutler, CEO of Blocknative Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    GM Rollup Nation: Matt Cutler, the MEV wizard, is back on the rollup. After learning the ins and outs of block building on Ethereum,Matt and the team at Blocknative face regulatory and ethical dilemmas to which there was no easy solution. [...]

Introducing the Gingerbread Hardfork, and Celo’s Plans to Move to an L2 Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    High Rollers: Happy Friday! Hope you had a fantastic week on your crypto journey with Ethereum futures ETFs being approved, things are looking to be heating up. Maybe we see some flows hit the spot markets this weekend into Monday in [...]

Introducing Thales Market, a Sports + DeFi focused protocol Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    GM High Rollers: If you’re a Sports + DeFi chad you need to know about this SNX affiliate and how you can take advantage of it ???? Overtime Markets, maintained by Thales, is a binary options market protocol that does more than lose you [...]

Will zkSync Hyperchains take Ethereum to Super Scale? Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    GM High Rollers, Hope you’re all ready to roll up the latest in the L2 universe! Today, we have an electrifying podcast episode lined up featuring the founder of zkSync, one of the rollups scaling the security, technology, and ethos of Ethereum. But before we [...]

It is 336 days since the Merge. So, how’s it going? Spotify | YouTube | iTunes    GM High Rollers: Well, ETH is alive and deflationary. 922,267 ETH burned and 617,739 ETH issued since the Merge. Over 300,000 ETH taken out of circulation and we are just getting started. Not to mention, gas prices are low and the network [...]

Learn How Easy It Is To easy to Build Permissionless Derivatives and Markets DeFi Slate Fam: Do not let a bear market rally ruin things for you–build season is still in full effect. Recent swings in the market are getting increasingly disparate as a result of conflicting macro and crypto sentiment. Confidence in the ETH [...]

Level up your Understanding of Blockchain Infrastructure in This New Episode! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: The merge is around the corner. This monumental upgrade will change Ethereum from a Proof-of-Work blockchain to a Proof-of-Stake chain. With all the improvements to throughput, scalability, environmental impact, and network design the Merge also brings up some challenges. The [...]

Learn how to Stake your Tokens with Flexible Liquidity, Earn Rewards & More! Spotify | YouTube | iTunes DeFi Slate Fam: The merge is coming! Scheduled for September 18th (or around there) the Ethereum merge to proof-of-stake is going to be a monumental moment for the entire space. What’s interesting about proof of stake is that the network is [...]