????DeFi by Design EP61: InsurAce As A Core Building Block To DeFi

Insurance protocols are building the foundational layer to create a safe, transparent financial system

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Despite the advancements in the DeFi sector, cases of flash loans, rugpulls, private key hacks and smart contract vulnerabilities continue to increase. Despite DeFi insurance protocols having been in the space since 2020, the model still has ways to go as collateralizing risk and offering coverage isn’t as simple as it seems.

Today we talked with Dan Thomson the CMO of InsurAce, one of the fastest-growing decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol that has over 100 protocols protected, $34.6M in TVL and $206.8M in Total Value Covered across 16 blockchains. We went over the main reasons for DeFi exploits, how insurance works as well as the current state and pitfalls of DeFi Insurance Protocols.

As more capital flows into the ecosystem, decentralized insurance protocols such as InsurAce will be crucial in making DeFi safer for everyone.


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