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The Intersection of Digital Collectibles GameFi and DeFi is Here!

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We are so back.

Hooked up a win-win scenario over the weekend. As I’m sure we’re all aware Silicon Valley Bank went belly-up and Silvergate and Signature banks are not far behind. These were prominent banking partners for post-revenue tech startups and many crypto CeFi firms. The government bailout of these banks shows Daddy Powell and Uncle Joe are not gonna let us down. The pump must continue.

Now that everyone is getting rich again, its time for the fun stuff.

The topic of today’s video is a vision of the future so obvious. We’ve all thought about it. The intersection of digital collectibles GameFi and DeFi is on the horizon and we talk to Nick Rose, founder of Ethernity, who’s vision is bringing together the best of blockchain. Ethernity is a platform to collect authentic playable characters including Shaquille O’Neal, Lionel Messi, and Muhammed Ali. Now you can collect and trade these NFT exclusive products based on IP of top athletes and entertainers. Soon, play these characters (or custom characters) in The Exorians Universe.

Watch the entire journey of Nick Rose from bitcoin in 2011 through the origin story of Ethernity.



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