???? Revolutionizing Ticketing This Decade W NFT Access

NFT Access is a project being built with the goal to bring the value of ticketing back to the community!

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DeFi Slate Fam,

The coolest part about Web3 is the potential for total industry reformation in certain ‘rent-seeking’ parts of our society.

There are so many rent-seekers, for example, I went to a Flume concert recently and the ticket was $60 but after Ticketmasters fees it was $90!

50% increase! Talk about rent seeking. Wtf man.

Today we introduce NFT Access, a project being built with the goal to bring the value of ticketing back to the community and create a true decentralized ticketing community where you can be a TRUE fan!

Amidst this crazy market down turn, we must keep building and growing the ecosystem.

Lets do it!


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