The Story of ETH… Coming to a Screen Near You! DeFi Slate Fam: The story of Ethereum is absolutely incredible. It is insane how a full blown decentralized blockchain was started by a bunch of shadowy super coders and is now a full blown digital nation state. Writer and DeFi Degen Camilla Russo wrote a [...]

???? Revolutionizing Ticketing This Decade W NFT Access

NFT Access is a project being built with the goal to bring the value of ticketing back to the community! DeFi Slate Fam, The coolest part about Web3 is the potential for total industry reformation in certain ‘rent-seeking’ parts of our society. There are so many rent-seekers, for example, I went to a Flume concert [...]

????Decentralizing Web3 Data with KYVE Network

We Jump into the steps KYVE Network is Taking to Push Interconnectivity and Scaling the Defi World DeFi Slate Fam: We are seeing a new trend in the Multichain world that has really hit its stride… This trend allows protocols to have extremely fast, cheap, customizable applications as they please. It pushes forward interconnectivity and [...]

???? Embracing Neurodiversity in Web3 w/ ARTXV

Learn how Ava and ARTXV are using Web3 to unite individuals into a community focussed on Artistic expression, Inspiration, and winning! DeFi Slate Fam: The best part about Web3 is the openness of the community: anyone, anywhere can join the party and find their respective place. Truly we are at the beginning of a renaissance [...]

Exclusive look into what building an L2 is like and how Boba Network adds tons of value to the Web3 ecosystem DeFi Slate Fam: We are stoked to see innovation and progress happening on a daily basis in the Web3 ecosystem. There are new financial primitives deployed every day and blockchain continues to scale at [...]