????Decentralizing Web3 Data with KYVE Network

We Jump into the steps KYVE Network is Taking to Push Interconnectivity and Scaling the Defi World DeFi Slate Fam: We are seeing a new trend in the Multichain world that has really hit its stride… This trend allows protocols to have extremely fast, cheap, customizable applications as they please. It pushes forward interconnectivity and [...]

Exclusive Dive Into How Pokt Network Can Very Well Overcome Internet and Blockchain service providers ???? DeFi Slate Fam: We discuss various mental models for thinking about how the multichain combines applications with supporting blockchains. This mental model could map out a hub-and-spoke model like cosmos or an L1, L2, etc. model seen on Ethereum [...]

???? Syscoin Ecosystem Update: Pegasys DEX Launch

What does it take to create an economy? Check out Pegasys DEX as they jumpstart the DeFi ecosystem on Syscoin DeFi Slate Fam: Today we covered one of the most exciting new DeFi ecosystems on the Multichain. Pegasys DEX is bringing DeFi to Syscoin (check out our previous podcast on Syscoin here) Syscoin is an [...]