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Dive in as we learn how fixed rates in DeFi will lead to the next stages of a fully on-chain economy! DeFi Slate Fam: One of the most boring DeFi verticals in the high interest rate bull market was fixed rates…I mean, cmon who wants to lock in a 6% rate when things look so [...]

Dive into STEP Finance and learn what makes it so great for Solana users DeFi Slate Fam: Solana reminds me of early Ethereum days…a vibrant community, innovative tech, lots of bugs (and VCs) and plenty of developer activity trying to push the ecosystem forward. One of the best ways to track your Solana DeFi/NFT activity [...]

Discover the benefits of swapping, staking, and farming on Pegasys, a community-built DEX native to the Syscoin Network. DeFi Slate Fam: Welcome to a week of chop. These market conditions are a breath of fresh air after several weeks of dumpage but opportunities are still few and far between. The key so far has been [...]

???? The Next DeFi 100x: Starknet Explained w/ xBank

Dive Into the Possibilities of StarkNet ! DeFi Slate Fam: We are very, very excited about StarkNet and the possibilities that are going to come from building on this tech stack. With a new, difficult programming language comes a lot of challenges but the outcome (we believe) will be nothing short of amazing. Today we [...]