Exclusive Dive Into the Growth of the Ecosystem!   High Rollers: I had such a blast at StarkNetCC! This year was even bigger than last and we were seriously impressed by the development on StarkNet.  Easily the best part was the panel with Vitalik and others, detailing zkEVM progression on Kakarot (more info here: At StarkNetCC I [...]

Get Ready as We Cover Decentralizing the Infrastructure Layer at the Most Core of Levels in DeFi   Rollup Nation: Having an absolute blast over here at ETHCC, and making a lot of progress across multiple fronts!In today’s interview we speak with Johnathan Malawach, CEO of, and their future plans going forward. We discuss [...]

Polygon’s zkEVM is central to Ethereum’s rollup-centric roadmap and special to developers like Jordi.   Rollup Nation: The talk of the town is Rollups in Paris.  We nailed it.  Let’s keep scaling to mass adoption one block at a time! ETHCC #6 has been a fulfilling and inspiring experience. The entire week really has been [...]

Polygon zkEVM alpha on POL and sneak peek at perp DEX: Shrike!   GM Rollup Nation: A very special BONJOUR to all our Parisian Frens at ETHCC! Today’s video is a sneak peek into alpha on the burgeoning zkEVM network. Tl;dr: An empire is taking shape. zkEVM is the zk-equivalent layer to Polygon. There are [...]