Polygon zkEVM alpha on POL and sneak peek at perp DEX: Shrike!   GM Rollup Nation: A very special BONJOUR to all our Parisian Frens at ETHCC! Today’s video is a sneak peek into alpha on the burgeoning zkEVM network. Tl;dr: An empire is taking shape. zkEVM is the zk-equivalent layer to Polygon. There are [...]

After a series of steady deployments, GYSR has launched v3 modules to stream liquidity   GM Rollup Nation: We are in motion with amazing projects in the rising tides of this next cycle. Builders are building every day iterations on protcols for more capital efficiency, greater community ownership onchain to all. Love to connect with [...]

Exclusive Comprehensive Dive Into zKLend Money Market   Rollup Nation: We’ve been actively covering StarkNet and pushing the idea that this ecosystem has the potential to be a massive player in the Rollup space. With the upcoming upgrade tomorrow for “more TPS Daddy” we are absolutely stoked to be delivering you a video demo with [...]

Learn Why Mantle Is a Powerhouse Network   Gm Rollup Nation:In case you missed it, we have a marathon Twitter Space on July 6th. Its a massive celebration with some of our closest frens in Ethereum. And, its gonna bang!We are still coming with heat this video. A deep dive into a new ecosystem with [...]