In this audio, Robbie speaks with a special guest representing Primex Finance   High Rollers, This interview provides a comprehensive overview of Primex, its unique features, security measures, and plans for the future. Primex is a brokerage protocol that enables users to borrow liquidity for specific use cases, providing undercollateralized leverage and decentralized trade execution [...]

In this audio, Robbie learns more about QuantStamps process for evaluating ethereum rollups   High Rollers, There’s a lot more to rollups than you can present in a pie chart. Also, there’s a lot more rollups today than ever before. Learn more about how our frens at QuantStamp helps our community by giving a clear [...]

Exploring Account Abstraction and Chain Abstraction in DeFi with Connext   High Rollers: A concept we’ve been hearing a ton about (and I’m sure you have too) is Account Abstraction. Basically, instead of using metamask for your wallet you’ll have a smart contract wallet which can do tons of custom operations and can initiate / [...]

Mantle, the L2 rollup built by BitDAO, wants you on board!   GM High Rollers: We are “The Rollup” so were supposed to talk about rollups, right? Well, I must say it hasn’t been very difficult to find talking points from ETHCC. It truly felt like the entire conference was focused on Ethereum scaling and [...]

Exclusive Comprehensive Dive Into zKLend Money Market   Rollup Nation: We’ve been actively covering StarkNet and pushing the idea that this ecosystem has the potential to be a massive player in the Rollup space. With the upcoming upgrade tomorrow for “more TPS Daddy” we are absolutely stoked to be delivering you a video demo with [...]

Learn Why Mantle Is a Powerhouse Network   Gm Rollup Nation:In case you missed it, we have a marathon Twitter Space on July 6th. Its a massive celebration with some of our closest frens in Ethereum. And, its gonna bang!We are still coming with heat this video. A deep dive into a new ecosystem with [...]