Wiretap Wednesday: Alpha Homora Leveraged Yield Farming (NEW)

New token launch $ALPHA and up to 3x yield farming

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Doesn’t it feel like yield farming is dead? I mean wow, the APYs are down & the hype is gone. What now?

Well, Alpha Finance is getting ready to introduce a new concept to the house of cards…

Leveraged yield farming is coming to DeFi this week and its something to be excited about. Alpha Finance is bringing us the $ALPHA token launch on Binance (ALPHA LEAK) and the new Homora platform.

Lets go.

– Andy

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Wiretap Wednesday: Alpha Homora Leveraged Yield Farming (NEW)

In the video below, we go over the blog post by Alpha Homora and prepare you for the upcoming launch of the $ALPHA token & the Alpha Homora platform, enjoy!

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